Miss Fingy Tooty Fruity

Miss Fingy - Tooty Fruity

In Miss Fingy Tooty Fruity game, kids play as fruit vendors as they learn about financial concepts. This completely ad-free experience is fun and educational for kids as they play! The game promotes financial literacy while introducing these important money concepts:

  • The basics of money and economics : revenues & costs
  • Earning money
  • Understanding "profit & loss"


Miss Fingy Tooty Fruity game starts children on the path of learning economics. Progressing through the game as a fruit vendor, children are challenged to earn money and a profit for their businesses. The game also teaches real life business lessons as players deal with fruit spoilage and lack of inventory to meet demand. The game focuses on:

  • Earning Money and how to control losses
  • Proft and loss
  • Strategizing when supply inventory doesn't meet demand