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Teaching kids about money

Following podcast is an interview with Dr. Amanda Jennings, PhD., postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship (CEEE) @ University of Delaware     The Podcast Transcript:   Abhijit: “Dr. Jennings, please tell us about yourself and the work you are doing at the Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship” Dr. Jennings: “I completed my Ph.D. in Economic Education at the University of Delaware in May 2017 under

Teaching the value of coins to children

Around the age of 6, the children start learning addition and start observing their parents making financial decisions, especially about toys, groceries, and treats. Age 6 is a good time to introduce a real-time example of how a simple math skill (addition) can be used in real world. This simple and fun activity will help the children in becoming more confident in math and handling money.

Age 6+

3 pretend games to teach kids about money!

One of the most valuable and practical skills you can teach your kids and you don’t need to be a financial wiz to do that. You can start by teaching them about counting change, then adding bills. Playing money games with kids is going to be awesome. You will actively engage them in conversations  about money and help answer a lot of their questions. This article provides some fun pretend games you can play with your children to make learning about money fun.

For Ages 4+

How to teach kids the value of coins

Around age 4, kids start learning that money can be used to exchange goods. They watch parents give money to buy products. This activity introduces them to concept of “names” and “values” of coins.