Liktoon’s boat: Kids picture book about entrepreneurship, teamwork and money

We all have dreams. While working hard to achieve these dreams, we make many financial decisions along the way that impact us and our children. What kind of example do we set when we make these financial decisions? Our children are watching and learning. But without context and understanding, their financial learning remains incomplete. Hence, money conversations with our kids should start early and happen often. 

Great summer reading for kids. Kids learn about entrepreneurship, teamwork and saving money.
Great summer reading for kids. Kids learn about entrepreneurship, teamwork and saving money.

Liktoon’s boat promotes saving money and financial literacy to young kids. The illustrations are nicely detailed with things will enjoy looking at. Good for 2nd to 4th graders.

–  Goodreads review

The new book, Liktoon’s Boat, by new mom and financial professional, Radha Rai, co-authored by her husband, Abhijit Rai, is not only a magical adventure filled with colorful illustrations – it’s also a fun introduction to concepts like earning and saving money for a goal.

Liktoon lives in a small village called Kindleberry, which is in a magical world. His greatest wish is to explore the ocean, discover new islands, find hidden treasures and meet new people and magical creatures. But he must find the means to achieve his dreams. Liktoon has dreams of exploring the ocean, but he doesn’t have a boat. With the help of his friends, after some tough challenges, he sets out to make his dream come true. Each enchantingly illustrated page focuses on actions, decisions and emotions that Liktoon goes through in the process of achieving his lifelong goal.

Amazing read !! My four year old loves the book !!

– customer

“As a financial professional, I saw a gap in the market for a children’s book that opens up dialogue to develop the next generation of money-smart kids,” says Rai.  “Liktoon’s Boat is our first book in the financial literacy series, Liktoon and Ge’s Adventures.”  

With charming illustrations accenting the story’s vibrant verse, Liktoon’s Boat, is written in language suitable for and readable by young children; parents, caregivers and teachers can read this book to children now, and in a year or two children will able to read it themselves. Rai hopes to keep her readers imagining wondrous dreams and ways to make them happen all year long and, who knows, with some hard work and innovation, the dreams might come true!

Liktoon’s Boat focuses on a simple storyline that is easy to follow for children and it introduces them to important money concepts like earning and saving,” explains Rai. “I envisioned Liktoon’s Boat as the first in a series of books that will introduce children to various money related concepts in a simple, fun way.”

Setting goals is step one to achieving them. By earning and saving money, difficult financial goals can be achieved. Teamwork and perseverance can help overcome life’s hurdles.

– Radha Rai (Author)

Liktoon’s Boat includes the following themes:  

  • The magic of storytelling   
  • The power of friendship
  • That helping others feels good
  • Simple addition and subtraction  
  • The concept of saving for the future
  • Discovering valuable new skills  
  • Delayed gratification, perseverance and teamwork
  • Business principles such as entrepreneurship, profits and expenses
  • How teamwork and perseverance can help overcome life’s hurdles

The story lends itself to discussion and engages your imagination. Dreams are especially magical especially in an enchanted and peaceful place like Kindleberry. Do you know what your children’s wishes and dreams are?  What might they be interested in saving for? Do they get an allowance? Are they allowed to spend it, or do they save some? How does the story make you feel about your child’s understanding of finances?

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