Coins: Fun way to teach kids about coins

coins-1526124Ages: 4+

Difficulty: Easy!

Why is it important: Currency – virtual or physical is usually kids first foray in learning about money. Kids should learn to recognize that currency comes in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Step 1: Collect a bunch of coins and spread them on a mat or floor.

Step 2: Ask the kids to sort the coins – same looking coins on the same

Step 3: Let them create piles of coins.

Step 4: Tell them what different coins are called. Example: “This is a penny”, “This is a quarter”.

Step 5: Ask them to repeat what they have learnt. Example: “What is this coin called”

Step 6: Make it fun! Ideas

  • Time them: Can the beat their previous time?
  • Create chaos: While kids are sorting the coins, add more to the bunch periodically.
  • Make it a competition: Make it a competition between friends or brothers & sisters.

Parents need to actively start teaching kids about money from an early age. Talking about money doesn’t have to be awkward. It can be fun! Miss Fingy

What kids will learn: Recognizing coins by names, understanding that different currencies have different shapes, sizes, engravings and colors.

How do you teach your kids about coins and their shapes? Please let us know what you thought about this activity by posting comments!


  1. Teach your child skip-counting before you introduce money into your lesson, suggests Houghton Mifflin Mathematics. Skip-counting is counting by fives or tens, and is an easy way to count coins and bills of most American denominations. Practice skip-counting until your child can count to 100 by fives and tens.


    1. Thank you – that is a great point. Actually our game: Miss Fingy: Add with bubbles
      does just that. It starts with teaching kids to add in multiples of fives and then introduces important concepts like adding coins to reach a money goal. #FinancialLiteracy


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