Games about money

Miss Fingy Fishies & Frogs

Miss Fingy – Frogs vs FishiesWelcome to the world of frogs vs fishies – a game that promotes financial literacy for children.  Children save fishies from evil frogs while learning about currencies of the world.Recognize different currencies: coins, billsDifferent countries’ currencies (Coming soon! Currently only the US)  KIDS LEARN IMPORTANT MONEY CONCEPTS Frogs vs Fishies helps kids recognize currencies of the world. The children start by learning about the coins of

Miss Fingy Add with Bubbles

Miss Fingy – Add With BubblesMiss Fingy Add With Bubbles is a bubble popping adventure which teaches children how to perform currency additions and helps them get better at Math. Start teaching your kids about money!   KIDS LEARN ABOUT MONEY Add with bubbles teaches kids about money. The children start by recognizing that they can achieve the same total in many different ways. As they progress in the game, they transition

Miss Fingy Tooty Fruity

Miss Fingy – Tooty FruityIn Miss Fingy Tooty Fruity game, kids play as fruit vendors as they learn about financial concepts. This completely ad-free experience is fun and educational for kids as they play! The game promotes financial literacy while introducing these important money concepts:The basics of money and economics : revenues & costsEarning moneyUnderstanding “profit & loss” KIDS LEARN IMPORTANT FINANCIAL CONCEPTS Miss Fingy Tooty Fruity game starts children on the path of learning