Coins addition for children

Ages: 5+

Skills taught:

  • Coin recognition
  • Coin addition
  • Addition

Difficulty: Easy!

Around age 5, kids start learning simple additions. This is a good stage to help them understand that their addition skills can be applied to the real world – especially around money. You can even make this fun for them. The more your children are comfortable around money the better your quality of money conversations with them in future. Let’s start!

Single or Multiplayer game

Step 1: Get a bunch of coins and arrange them as follows (you can use your imagination). The example below uses US currency, feel free to substitute this with your native currency.

  • 5 centmoney-1084514
    • 5 pennies
    • 1 nickel
  • 10 cents
    • 1 dime
    • 2 nickels
    • 10 pennies
  • 6 cents
    • 6 pennies
    • 1 nickel & 1 penny
  • 18 cents
    • one dime – 10¢ & one nickel – 5¢ & three pennies – 1¢ And/ OR
    • three nickels – 5¢ & three pennies – 1¢ And/OR
  • etc.

Step 2: Tear a paper into rectangular cards and write the numbers on them: 5¢, 10¢, 6¢, 18¢ etc. (one number can/should be printed multiple times)

Step 3: Ask the child to pick a card and then match the card with the combination of pennies that matches that number. Once a pile is matched correctly with a card, remove the pile from the game.

Step 4: Encourage when a child gets the match right!


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